Christmas Wish Program

This program grants provisional wishes to financially challenged families, families impacted by tragedy, women and children who reside in homeless shelters and residents in local assisted living centers throughout the year!

In addition, multiple families are adopted and granted Christmas wishes during each holiday season. Once provided with the name, age, gender, clothing size and list of “Christmas Wish” items, our work begins. Gifts are purchased, wrapped and along with food items are personally delivered to each family on Christmas Eve. Our families may receive gift certificates in lieu of a personal shopping experience.  

Testimonial – Lending help to those in need, throughout each and every year!


Pajama Program

This program donates the gift of new pajamas to financially challenged children, children impacted by tragedy, children who reside in homeless shelters and residents in local assisted living centers throughout the year!

In conjunction with the Pajama Program, we also host several Holiday Organized Pajama Events (HOPE) during the month of December. Our holiday events offer a fun filled evening which includes dinner for the family, holiday themed crafts, winter apparel, school supplies, toys and free raffles, but most importantly each child receives our gift of new pajamas. The visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus is always a surprise.

Testimonial – Donating the gift of New Pajamas to those in need, everyone LOVES new PJ’s!

Health & Wellness Program

This program promotes guidelines for healthy living as hosted by our Health & Wellness Chair, who is a licensed and board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Our sessions are facilitated by Medical Professionals spanning a wide variety of medical specialties and often include collaboration with and accessibility to local Community Resources.

Testimonial- Supporting efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle and alignment with Community Resources!

Disclaimer – The LaBranche Family Foundation Health & Wellness sessions and social media posts are not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem nor as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.

Education Program

This program awards annual monetary scholarships to local high school students based on personal need, academic achievement, career goals, extracurricular activities and character. We are honored to extend our scholarship opportunities to include students living in both Will and DuPage County.

In addition, an annual grant is awarded to a local Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program to subsidize the tuition for youth in need of financial support.

Testimonial – Planting seeds for our future, investing in our youth!

LFFINC Scholarship 2021 
LFFINC Scholarship 2022 – Closed
LFFINC Scholarship 2023 – Click here for details

Bolingbrook STEM Grant 2021
Bolingbrook STEM Grant 2022 – Closed
Bolingbrook STEM Grant 2023 – Click here for details!
Please contact the Bolingbrook STEM Association for questions related to this program.